Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello!!  It's Friday again!!  Hooray for the weekend...

Every time I come to this blog I find myself wanting to tell you all about us, about our life, about what we do all week!! We're busy, insanely busy.  There was a day that I thought I needed a house that was as tidy as a museum, and that's when I worked a full time job and had a one hour commute each way.  Now that I've been home for a year, I realize how much living we missed while I was frantically cleaning! Before I became the Vintage Loving Momma, I blogged here, our life was not always easy, it was not always sunshine and butterflies but I went there and I poured my heart out, it was a way to journal and document all that was going on, and it was also very therapeutic.  So today I want to tell you about us. . .

I'm married to my best friend.  He's the kind of husband I want to brag about to my friends, the kind who works hard to provide for our family, the kind who allows me to stay home now, after 10 years in an office job that paid the bills but exhausted my spirit (I am thankful however that I stumbled into him there and the rest is history!!) so that I can grow my creative dreams into a business that is not only fun but important to me.  I'm a blessed woman!  I have a man who loves me like no other and I have three incredible children.

Three children who keep me busier now than ever.  Braxton, who just turned 16.  He taught me to be a mother when I was barely becoming a woman.  He reinforced my belief that love was the strongest emotion that anyone could feel, aside from protective instincts.  He loves FOOTBALL, and technology stuff, he's not a fan of my MacBook (but I LOVE it!!) and loves Video Games. He's my baby boy and the protective one.  Colt, who is 12 1/2 and the smartest boy I've ever known.  He loves basketball, and baseball, and computer and video games.  While he LOVES gaming, he can be found reading his Kindle just as often.  He's my tender heart.  Both of these boys are growing into fine men, they will make someone amazing husbands, if they ever learn to pick up their own laundry!! :)  And then there's our baby (I still call her that!) the princess.  Katsie Rane who's 9. We often bow to her will!  She loves tennis and cheerleading.  She's crafty like her Momma (and her Nana!) and I'm counting down the days until she's old enough to help with all this sewing!!  She is a special girl.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 18 months and then 8 months later was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis-1.  She taught me about parenting on an unexpected path, about how to truly value each and every day.  She is a beautiful gift and we treasure her.  

Tomorrow marks one year since I lost my job.  What I'm sure could have been perceived as the end of the world was simply the beginning of something far more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.  I can drive carpool, eat lunch in the Cafeteria with my little lovelies, host Snow Cone fundraisers for 4th grade,  eat lunch with my husband at home, or on a lunch date whenever I want.  There is no office drama, there is no long commute, and the only expectations I have to meet are the ones I place on myself.  (And believe me, I'm far more difficult to please than any boss I ever had!!)  I'm thankful beyond measure for the gift of a beautiful family and extended family, for my Indie Biz, and for friends along the way.  

I've been sewing dresses all week, and I have tons more cut to sew.  So much fabric, I'm in love!! :)  

We have a busy weekend planned, and while we were thankful for 2 days of rain, today, since I have errands, I'm thankful for this beautiful sunshine!! 

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