Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!! :)


It has been a busy week, I like busy!!  I finished up a custom order for one of Colt & Katsie's favorite music teachers ever!! Those two rosette hairbands below are for her girls, and she has one to match. I have been working on dresses and skirts, and hairbands/clips busy getting inventory built up for our first market of the year.

It seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that I want but I have a detailed list, (I'm SO a list girl) of all that I need to get done before the market.  So I'm confident that I'll get done what needs to be done  White Rock Local Market, we LOVE you!! I love the feeling of community that we have when we're there. I hope my local friends will come out and see us, March 10th at the Green Spot!!  And not long after that we'll be at The Dallas Flea at the Southside on Lamar, we love the Dallas Flea, I love the hustle and bustle event though by the end of the day, my feet are killing me!! :)  Being too busy is never something to complain about!

Speaking of busy!!  Tomorrow promises to be a whirlwind!!  Tennis, Basketball, oh, and did you hear, The Shine Project is in Dallas, hello!! :) 

Have a wonderful weekend loves...


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