Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello, Monday!

Hello, Monday!
Hello Spring Break!
Hello Sunshine!!

After a what seemed like days of unending rain, the sun is shining her, for at least the next 24 hours according to the mid-day news!!  My little love had her first sleep over at a friends last night, I'll tell you a secret, I missed her like mad!! :)  But she's growing up, and she had fun, and it makes my heart full for her to be out, doing little lady things!! Colt is gone until Wednesday and then he'll be back and all my little chicks will be home.  We have a fun weekend planned, Colt's having a friend over and we're going to see Star Wars in 3D.  MCH & Colt Montgomery are the BIGGEST Star Wars fans e-v-e-r!! I don't know what it is, but I still love the experience of going to the movie theater.  I love to rent movies and lay around at home and watch them, but I also love getting our tickets, and over priced snacks and having the experience that you can only get at the theater.  I was raised to love movies!!

This week, while I'm enjoying the freedom of not having to sign planners, or check homework, or pack lunches, or be sure specific clothes are clean, I'm planning on doing lots of cutting.  I made up all the totes I had cut, so I need to get some more of those ready to go, as well as some more aprons.  I have so many beautiful fabrics right now and I think I've just about gotten my hair accessory stock in a great place for The Flea, so it's the perfect time for getting some other things made.  I have many many dresses ready to go, they're so cute and perfect for Spring & Summer.

We're bummed that we missed out on the White Rock Local Market this past Saturday.  Every hourly weather report I looked at from Thursday morning on showed 100% chances of rain through Sunday.  I was too afraid to set up and then the rain come pouring down and ruin everything so we sat this one out.  And wouldn't you know it, it was dry, cloudy, but dry all morning until 1:15 pm.  You know, 15 mins after the market was to end.  Just our luck!!  But that's ok, it's the risk you take with outdoor markets in the Spring.  Thankful our next market is indoors so it's a go, regardless the weather.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Hopefully I'll have an update with some pics later this week!!

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