Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Loving Momma now has a blogspot!!


The Vintage Loving Momma now has an Etsy shop and a blogspot!!  I'm beyond excited and looking forward to sharing the things I find joy in with hope that they might bring you happiness as well!  I'm busy getting items completed to list in my Etsy shop.  I'm also currently participating in the Indie Biz 3.0 online course.  It is great, it has fed my creativity and inspired me.  It has also given me lots of great instruction and tips for having a successful indie biz. 

Just a little about me, personally!  I'm married to my best friend, as cliche as that sounds, it's the truth!  We fill in each other's empty places and he completes me! I couldn't do any of this without his support.  He allows me to dream, and he believes in my vision.  I'm the mother of three incredible children, 2 in elementary school and one in high school, who keep me extremely busy!  I'm hoping that they will appreciate handmade and creative things as adults!  I'm thankful everyday for the creative inspiration I had from my Mom as a child and even as an adult.  I love my family deeply and they are my treasure.  Our daughter, "the baby", has Neurofibromatosis-1, and has been selected as the Jr. Chef for an amazing fundraising event that is coming up very soon!!  We're proud of her!  We hope to see all of our friends and family there, it's going to be an incredible night, raising funds for research and an eventual cure. 

I look forward to blogging, and posting lots of pictures and connecting with the handmade community!

Til next time-


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